Room In Rome (2010)

What happens when 2 women spend a weekend in Rome stuck in a hotel room together? One of the most beautiful tales of lust and love we’ve seen recently. It’s interesting because they never leave the room yet still find a way to go from smiles to tears. Find a version of Room In Rome with the subtitles of your choosing at all cost. You’ll appreciate the freedom of the foreign lens just as much as the bodies of two really beautiful actresses.

You want to stop at every great moment and watch it in slow emotion:

Golden Dream [preview]

If you look closely [google it] you’ll find preview videos of Sarah in Golden Dream floating around on blogs today. Her video debuts next week and it’s a leg lovers dream. She put on a leg show in clear platform high heels that leg and foot lovers will not soon forget!

If you loved Michelle in Enlighten, imagine twice the body shots and three times the grinds. Love. Shots like the impossible one above are common in the film as Sarah stretches and splits her way into our hearts.

Sarah in Golden Dream debuts in our RED films section next week!

Lacey Cover Clips

Tiffany once again graces our cover page in a full body lace dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. You can view these clips by waiting around in our super short theater on our homepage. These 2 clips give you a taste of what it’ll be like to watch the full length film in a few weeks. Stay fully tuned.

Bloom + Driver

2 new short clips have been added to the home page video rotation. If you sit and watch HERE for a while you are bound to see them. These 2 new clips are among many we are prepping for the next round of CafeGlow film releases.

We’ve got so many shoots in the can that we are excited to release soon. Many of these shoots will surprise you with their content. Stick with us as we fight to stay on the line between fashion and erotica, all the while knowing that these two terms are relative and open for interpretation.

The Housemaid (2010)

We truly believe that you are what you eat. So we stay connected to cinema by taking in the best erotic work in foreign, mainstream and adult markets. Occasionally we will review or recommend a film worth seeing. Today is one of those days.

Buy, Rent or Steal The Housemaid. It’s an elegantly shot story of how much love and lust people are willing to risk to have and protect other love and lust. It amazes me how something so good and produce something so bad. It’s amazing to what lengths in the other direction we are willing to go to protect and preserve the peace. As I watched I could think back to many times I’ve been at the crossroads and had to make a decision to be good or be bad. I can’t say that I was never bad, cause sometimes being bad can feel so good.

The mother is gangsta, the grandmother is old school, and the wife is a child. Apparently love has no bounds. The Housemaid is a remake of an old black and white film so be sure to get the 2010 version.

* The sex scenes are graphic and real.
* The sets and locations are elegant and precise.
* The women are beautifully human.
* The men are, well, men.

As you can tell, we loved the art work as well. This clip kind of sums up how we felt after screening The Housemaid at the Cafe.

In Progress

We’ve been busy as usual. Getting everything to work together on this site has been an uphill climb with new obstacles at every 1000 feet. So the good news is that BUY NOW buttons are starting to show up on the site. Thanks for sticking with us through all of this. It’ll be more than you imagined.

One begins to hope that at the end of it all there will be some sort of dancing woman swimming in what seems like smoke.