Hey it’s Ty. I’m a filmmaker based in Downtown Los Angeles. I really want to keep making films, so I reopened CafeGlow on November 1, 2017. My work crosses fashion nudes and fine art with erotic cinema. I dress the girls I shoot and do all the editing/post production myself. It’s a highly stylized vision of beautiful women that goes beyond what you usually see out there. For those of you that remember CafeGlow, we had a great run a few years back. The new films will be just like the old ones, only I think I can take things further this time.

I’m using Patreon to receive pledges because they are all about artists and helping them build support for their work. I’m taking donations as small as $1 to help me pay the models well, pick out the wardrobe and perfect everything in post production. This time I’m doing it for the love of filmmaking so these films won’t be available for sale after they are released- they’ll only be available to members who pledge. We’ll make these films together and I’m looking forward to giving you unprecedented access to everything that goes into it. Here’s some information you should know about the way things will work on CafeGlow.com once you pledge:



Patreon will charge your card on the first of the month. They can take up to 3 days to complete this process. You will only be charged once per month, and if I am not releasing a film that month your card will not be charged at all.


When you pledge you are helping me make a film. If you cancel your pledge you will miss out on films I make during the months you didn’t pledge. If you pledge again in the future you can’t go back and get films you may have missed. Unless…


Once your pledge amount reaches a combined total of $100 you will enter VIP status and get the archives from the past few months. Once your combined pledge amount reaches $250 you will enter MVP status and get the old CafeGlow films.

Countdown To Next Film Release

Make sure you pledge before the timer runs out so you’re on the list to download the films
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