This part of the process is truly frustrating. It’s tough cause we try to post each week, but we can’t share 99% of what we’re currently working on. We’re excited about how well things are turning out, but we need to save most of these renders for trailers and the final release… to avoid spoiling everything before it even launches. That sucks.

Anyway. Here are some shots of an NPC – one of the many characters we created to play background or foreground roles, that aren’t main characters. Her name is Ebonee and she’s a fashion model you met dancing at Club Facade on Ehko Island. She’s bent over waiting patiently to get spanked and stuffed, wearing your favorite clear stilettoes.

We spent a ton of time perfecting our girls’ legs and feet. We’ve been working on the toes, the soles, and the high heels. The cropping and framing of our images reflect how much we care about the lower half. Though the story is more general in nature, if you don’t LOVE legs and feet, you’re going to hate our upcoming visual novel entitled Ehko Island. Just a heads up.