Ehko Island is a near-future, sci-fi visual novel created in Daz Studio and Ren’Py. It is our first story-driven production and will be heavily focused on high heels, legs, and feet.

Ehko Island is a first person shooter, if you know what we mean. It stars you, a down-and-out photographer with a leg and foot fetish, that is stuck on a sweaty island full of women that are all under the spell of AI. Your fight for relevancy, authenticity, and income leads you in between the legs and under the soles of peculiar women who are also trying to survive AI’s takeover of their professions.

This is not a game with many different outcomes. It is a single storyline, oftentimes based on the lives of Chloe (a former art model) and Ty (a former photographer/filmmaker), CafeGlow’s founders.

Ehko Island won’t consist of a ton of dialogue, with a few nude scenes. It will be more like a ton of nude scenes, with ongoing dialogue, which will be written and voiced by Chloe and other models. It will be relentlessly explicit, creatively graphic, and wet as fuck.

At this point, we don’t plan to have any animation in the project. We have not gotten good enough at it yet.

Pictured above is Alessandra, with the viewfinder of your camera stuffed up inside her.