While we wait for Steam approval to set up a game producer profile, we’ve been finalizing the stylizing for each character in our adult visual novel. For us, wardrobe is very important, both to show and highlight the parts of our models we love most (legs and feet), and to differentiate them from one another. IRL you can see a lot of a person’s personality in what they choose to wear. The same is true in 3D.

It’s hard though. We’d love to begin the visual novel with everyone in dresses and heels, but we have to start the characters off in a place where they have room to evolve. That means trying to make them look as normal as possible. When we first encounter Yoon she’s at home, so she naturally has on flats. But it is so exciting to know what will happen from there… how chance encounters with someone you may overlook can turn into something life-changing.

We’ve already created all the scenes, and the writing is done. We’re just waiting for the audio to be recorded before we render out all the images and compile the project for release.

We have kept this project a bit smaller, since it is our first, so we don’t bite off more than we can chew. We want to deliver at a very high level… something that blows everyone’s mind with the way it looks, the way it sounds, and the beautiful ways we showcase legs, feet, and high heels. And then, if we’re successful, we will expand from there.

Above and below are new images of Yoon, dressed in one of the looks she’ll wear in our visual novel. She has a semi-bohemian style, and loves clothes with soft fabrics, that are loose-fitting, and connect to nature in some way. She starts in flats, but once she has a few encounters with you, she begins to dress and act differently.