Bamboo - Nude Art Show

Bamboo – Nude Art Show

I remember the night I visited Bamboo’s Nude Art Show like it was yesterday.

I’ve known Bamboo for a few years now. She lives a private life now after a decade in the spotlight as a model and actress. When I saw the poster for the art show I nearly burst into tears. I couldn’t believe she was finally doing it.

When I received the invitation to Bamboo’s first big art show on the island I was so happy for her. Most people who know her don’t know she was always painting on the side, while she modeled. I remember visiting her loft a year ago and being surprised at how massive her pieces were, and how graphic and minimal her style was.

If I’m honest, I was so excited for her show because every time I’m around Bamboo, all I wanted to do is hump her. I didn’t care where we were or who was around. When I saw her body, those legs, and her delicious feet, I just had no ability to control my desire to mush parts of my body against hers.

I opened the calendar app on my phone and blocked my calendar for the day of that shoot, and went searching for what to wear. I wanted to look like a sex toy… Like a beautifully elegant slut… Like something you want to lick. I wanted Bamboo to feel like she couldn’t control herself when she saw me. I wanted her to want me as badly as I wanted her.

I imagined myself showing up in something long and sheer that blew gracefully in the wind, revealing my fit calves and tight ass. Or something short with high slits that showed off my toned thighs, and a plunging neckline that let my milky titties hang free. I saw myself in high heel mules, with my cute toes out because I know she loved my bare feet… And no panties, so nothing was standing between her entering me with her wet fingers, her slippery tongue, her soft toes…

But I imagined wearing that perfect outfit because I had failed to read the fine print.

Open hours
Monday – Friday
10pm – 6pm
Full nudity required