Emmanuelle - The Exhibitionist

Emmanuelle – The Exhibitionist

Pencil skirts, high-neck blouses, tailored dresses, and wide-leg pants. 

My favorite pair of high heel mules. 

My hair done up cute, but not sexy. 

I was well put together, in shape, young, and business minded.

But for the purposes of this dream, imagine everything I wore was elegantly sheer.

I worked at a law firm that only represented cases from underserved communities. The work was incredibly fulfilling. I, however, was at the bottom of the food chain, a mere associate doing all the busy tasks among the many attorneys and directors running the firm. I stayed quiet, kept my head down, and flew under the radar for most of that summer. I was certain no one knew I was there until the afternoon I stayed behind to work late.

I left the office around 6pm but thankfully arrived home before the sun had set. As I always did, I quickly set my purse down and went to sit in the dining room window to catch the last few rays of the sun.

I thought back through the events of the day, basking in the warmth of the light. As I began to relax I unzipped the dress I was wearing, tugged it down to the floor, and tossed it toward my bedroom so the sun could touch me all over. But I kept my heels on. I loved those heels. They made my legs and feet look incredibly sexy without trying too hard.

Passed my window flew a flock of birds chasing sunset’s amber glow. I stepped closer, watching them soar out of view when I noticed my completely naked reflection in the glass.

The golden light wrapped around my bare curves seductively. My nipples hardened and extended in the warm air. I could understand why no one noticed me at the firm. I wasn’t super voluptuous and I didn’t have the body of a fashion model. but I was cute in my own way.

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