Momo & Shayla

Momo & Shayla – Asian Legs and Feet

A dairy about Momo & Shayla – Asian Legs and Feet.

When you told me you wanted to photograph me and Shayla, two Asian models, inside the old outdoor gallery with all of the large murals… completely naked… like, no bra, no panties, not even wearing high heels… just utterly bare, from our heads to our high arched feet and elegantly sexy toes… I initially turned you down. It wasn’t you… it was me. There was no way I was ready to see her again.

I knew being around Shayla naked… like, completely naked where I could see her juicy titties, the meat of her ripe ass, and her puffy little puss, in front of you, and your long thick, fucking luscious dick… it was going to fuck me all the way up…