Suck My Feet

Suck My Feet

All I wanted you to do was Suck My Feet… that’s how I knew this shoot wasn’t like most shoots. Most times you have me wear something cute and sexy, like a mini dress that’s too short or a bikini that’s two sizes too small. You have me stand in front of a backdrop or location while you light me and test the setup, and I prance around looking seductive while you take pictures of my body.

Most times, as the shoot goes on, things get heated. You begin to ask me to undress for you, exposing parts of my body little by little. I begin to notice that fat cock in your pants that’s grown hard and visible through your jeans, and I make no attempts to hide the fact that I’m looking at it and the wet spot in the fabric just below your tip.

Most times I end up standing in the light completely naked, walking around in front of you in open toe fuck-me heels while you deliberately stroke your beefy dick in clear view, staring at my fit legs between shots. Most times I’m flexing and stretching, bending and reaching, trying to drive you insane with wide open views of my tender cunt lips and kissable asshole. And most times I find myself imagining you grabbing me by my hips, bending me over till my hands are touching the floor, and fucking deep-pumping me until I can’t remember my name. But this time was different.

I hadn’t seen you in months, so by the time your schedule freed up enough to set up another shoot with me I had been dreaming about it for a while. It was the first time I ever got wet from receiving a confirmation email. I knew right then that I was going to have another chance to get completely naked in front of you and walk around on my tiptoes, and that made me horny as fuck.

See, most people live their entire lives and never know what it feels like to undress in front of someone they are so intensely attracted to. It is an incredible feeling for me to know you will look at my body, trace the lines of my nude form, and stroke your warm beefy pecker while you enjoy the view. Just thinking about it… I was ready to put every one of my toes right into your mouth. I was ready for you to suck my toes, eat me out, and repeatedly fuck me deeply in my tight little ass.

I had never felt like that before a shoot. I had been working out so I knew my body was toned and looked hot as fuck naked. I was feeling cute with my toenails painted pink, and I couldn’t even keep myself from fingering my drooling pussy as I drove to your place. I remember slipping my fingers out of my creamy slit and sucking them dry in your driveway as I got out of my car. Tasting myself on my own fingers makes me feel animalistic.

I walked towards your door ready to pull up my dress and sit on your face. Instead, I took off all my clothes for you on your front porch and walked barefoot on my tiptoes through your place. You watched my naked legs carefully as your fat cock hardened and strained against your tight jeans. Before I had reached the shooting area and turned around you had already undressed and grabbed your camera.

You walked over to me with your magnificent fuck muscle wagging back and forth like a dog’s tail. You set the camera on the remote tripod trigger and then you laid down on your back beneath me.

I looked down at you staring up between my legs, lost in the gooey folds of my wet pussy, and told you that you were going to suck my pretty feet, lick my succulent toes, and run your tongue along the curves of my high arches and the wrinkles of my meaty soles. And then I told you, I’m going to fuck your soul right out of your body, and when you’ve had enough, I’m going to sit on your face and cum right in your mouth.