Wet Naked Legs

Wet Naked Legs

I crossed my Wet Naked Legs as I watched the girth of your muscled shaft and your plum-sized balls, rest between your thighs, beneath your wispy-thin sheer swim trunks as you sat across from me at the pool. I was lounging at the shallow end, wiggling my wet toes in the afternoon summer water, and noticed you staring at them. I had come down from my hotel room in just a robe, sheer minidress and my highest, strapless come fuck me high heels I owned. At the side of the pool, I had slipped off my robe and stepped into the water with my dress and high heels on.

I saw your mouth drop open as I slowly sank into the cool bluish-green water. The bulge in your shorts grew more visible with each second that passed as I sat there and began to dangle my platform heels off of my toes.

Be honest: My pretty feet make your dick hard, don’t they love? You want to stuff my cute little toes all inside your mouth, and suck on my perfect feet while I watch you stroke your shaft up and down, don’t you?

Just thinking about it made the little brown nipples atop my fresh supple tits shoot through the sheer silk of my deep v-neck minidress as it clung to my wet chest. I stretched my leg out of the water and pointed my toes in the heels, letting the clear droplets roll off the back of my ankles and down the muscles of my calves. I eased my legs open, just enough for you to see the lips of my bald cunt, and for the light to lick across my asshole. I turned my back to you, and lifted my cute butt out of the water, giving you the most delicious view of my plump ass cheeks and open holes.

When I looked back I could see you sliding your hand along the full length of that chunky dick in your shorts. I imagined you drawing wet circles on my cheeks with its tip. I gazed longingly at your thick boner, imagining you rubbing the plump head of it on the fleshy button of my nose, and heavily dragging it across my nostrils and down toward my lips. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, thinking about catching the clear drop of silky pre-cum that dangled, with my tongue. I imagined you tasted like the ocean, and as I imagined your dick-honey sliding down my throat, I relaxed, unclenched my muscles, and wet myself.