You won’t find us using cum props often (and we’re not at the Blender level where we can make that shit look real). More than anything, it’s because we haven’t been able to make the cummy mess look beautiful. But lately, we’ve found that some adjustments to the shaders can produce renders as elegant as they are cum-drunk.

We don’t plan to have many cocks in our Visual Novel, mostly because no matter what skin texture and size we choose, the cock is not going to look like yours and ruin the immersion. But in the rare cases where we can make it work outside of the main character, expect the wet splats of thick jizz to slap across our character’s faces as beautifully as possible.

Pictured above and below is Marisol, who is rarely seen without sunglasses… just after you looked her deep in the eyes, and drained your balls, nutting all over her gorgeous face.