The deeper we dive into developing our visual novel, the more we see a consistent problem in the feedback from players: the gap between releases feels excessively long. As indie developers it’s understandable. Making a VN isn’t a full-time job for most, which means the hours we can dedicate to it each night, after our day jobs, are limited. Also, things happen, irl.

Quality is another factor. Our visuals look more realistic than nearly all VN’s out now… but it takes time. We could speed up production by using basic lighting, never simulating cloth, and rendering at 1 subdiv, but we’d rather not do it than come out with something that doesn’t live up to our own standards.

So, what to do?

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By the way, the renders above and below are from an idea we had to create an Apple Store where she was the product, and her ports were available for insertion. Corny, yes, and we scrapped the idea, but the test renders must live on.