We’ve narrowed down the structure of the content that will be accessible outside of the main storyline of our Visual Novel, entitled Ehko Island. After looking at a ton of the successful VN’s menus, we drew up our plans to organize your playthrough.

Character Profiles

  • A physical description of the character and their backstory
  • Links to all scenes they are in
  • An audio message about an experience they had with you
  • Turnstile images – clothed and nude
  • A gallery of their legs and feet
  • A gallery of all the shots they are in


  • Menu of scenes from that location
  • DIP taxi scenes
  • Other unrelated experiences


  • All scenes


  • Synopsis
  • Link to Character’s section
  • CafeGlow Production team
  • Voiceovers
  • Musical score
  • Production tools


  • All shots by character
  • All legs and feet
  • All pussy
  • All ass
  • All titties

Settings, Load, Save, Help, Quit, Begin, Pause, Auto, Hide/Show text

Also, the woman pictured above and below stars in the first scenes of the Visual Novel… at least for now, because there is still a chance we will move that scene.